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Put insomnia to bed with the gold-standard, treatment. I did so can you.


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Hot baths, kiwi fruit, breathing techniques, acupuncture, counselling, supplements, sleeping tablets...

Over 20 years, I tried it all. Nothing worked. The more I tried to force sleep, the more I fed my anxiety and obsession – and the more insomnia stripped from my life.


I can’t get up early as I can’t sleep at night. I can’t see my friends tonight. I can’t do the job I want. I can’t share a bed with my wife. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. For two decades, slowly but surely, insomnia took over my life and stole my happiness.


And then I found CBT-I. Everything changed. Every thought, every action, CBT-I had seen it all before. My insomnia was not unique. Your insomnia is not unique. It always boils down to two problems; Sleep-drive and Hyperarousal.


By addressing both through behaviour changes, sleep knowledge, and cognitive restructuring, I went from being somebody trying everything they could to make themself sleep to being somebody trying everything they could to stay awake.


After overcoming my insomnia, I completed a course with sleep physician Daniel Erichsen to help you overcome yours. In this book, I take you on my journey and share the gold-standard treatment so that you can Sleep Too!


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