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I have 0098 my target is 100 (Just 2 away!)

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Book two! Has just hit the shelves. The Sleep Well Workbook. 

 Put your insomnia to bed!

Insomnia is a Pattern.
Can't sleep until 6am?
I know what to do, but doing it is hard!
How to break ANY bad sleep habit.
Insomnia causing low self-esteem? Take back control!
Want to stop waking up in the night?
Self esteem eroded by insomnia? Good enough is good enough!
Finding the behaviour changes  hard? Break bad habits with kindness & compassion.

Want Free sleep advice? Visit my YouTube Channel INSOMNIA TALKS - Watch any video and ask a question! I always respond. (Let me know you've read the book so I know how much you know already.) 

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